leaned against your perch

i watched as you trembled to my own heartbeat

opening your arms

i embraced the indulgent rays of bestowed Light

with every pulse

i realized that unfinished chapters are still dear

not wistful shadows.


and I continue with you as an extension of me.


When you feel like the Light has deserted you, remember that it is only with light that you’re able to recognize darkness. That is the very nature of light. The presence of all else only exists under its influence. We veil our eyes, drowning further within the storm of our sorrows. But the beauty of drowning is that within its depths, the Light shines brighter. And it is only with illumination that our realities take shape. Explore your truth and recognize the shadows that torment your heart. The strongest are made stronger with the most extensive of tribulations.


Happiness is fleeting. Yet we run after her everyday, always just within our reach. Just as the tips of our fingers finally come into contact with her, sadness comes in like an overwhelming wave, drowning us within him. All this time we don’t realize that we have not been alone in this journey. That all along there has been a shadow of contentment present at all times, always there, but never quite corporeal. It was our decision whether or not to acknowledge this companion, but we ignored it. As our lights diminished in the sea of sadness, it became a life ring, yet we did not hold it. Our choices are ours, and our contentment is ours, only if we choose it to be. May He help us recognize our strength to choose it above all else.